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Hallo there!

Yes, I am fairly new like many others. So, I'm here to type up a little summary. x3

I'm not going to go on about myself or anything, since I see no point in it. But the reason why I have joined the community is pretty simple. I have to learn German! Well..at least a bit.

You see, my mother speaks it pretty well here. I was born in Germany, and she grew up there. But we moved away, after a little accident. I was only 5 at the time, and therefor I had to pick up my English skills. But we were going to move back there when I was about 11, I believe. Sadly my mother refused, and quit the army, but that's okay! =D

So, now my mother is practically BEGGING me to learn as much German as I can, so I can talk to her in her language. I can speak it pretty well as well...so I will also be able to help out a lot!

So it's a whole win/win situation here. I can learn bits, and I can teach bits and pieces. x3

Anyways...I'm done rambling >D Thank you! And I hope to have fun here.

-Tesssa Schroeder <-- o__o my first name does have 3 S's x3
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