Socket L. Nutmegging (bradamant) wrote in germanics,
Socket L. Nutmegging

Translation of academic terms

I thought members of this community might have the knowledge to help me. I'm trying to translate some Scheine from my study abroad and am running into trouble with some academic terminology.

Can anyone come up with good translations for:

Übung vs. Proseminar vs. Seminar (my dictionary gives all of these as "seminar")

Geschichtliche Landeskunde und Historische Hilfewissenschaften (I know what this means but don't know what the fields are called in English or how to translate smoothly)

Referat vs. Hausarbeit vs. Klausur (Again, how to translate concisely; one of the Scheine even says all in one line: "Referat, Hausarbeit und Klausur werden bewertet")

Thanks for any tips!
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