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Let's begin!

Very simple!!
I know this might be a tad to easy and pointless, but I find this always easy to get around..

How are you
o1. How are you?(Formal tence)- Tsucus [Sue-th-es]
o2. How are you?(Informal tence)- Wie geht's? [off we deh-sin]

o1. Not so well - Nich so gut [nike so goot]
o2. Okay so-so - Es geht [s, get]
o3. Great- Sehr gut [Sier goot]

Thanks/your welcome
o1. Please (Yes please) - Bitte [Bit-eh]
o2. Thank you lots! - Vielen dank [V-Len, dank]
o3. Thank you- Danke Schoh [danka, shoe-n]
o4. Your welcome- Bitte schon [bitta-eh shoe-n]
o5. No thanks- Nein danke [Nine, danka]

I understand I didn't use a lot of words on there...so if you have any questions feel free to ask them!! =D
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